Bows (SO)

The following are Bows obtainable in Star Ocean. Bows can only be used by Ronixis J. Kenny. Bows are great for attacking from a distance.

[edit] The Bows

Name Appearance Price Attributes Found At
Arbalest Crossbow.jpg 2,500 ATK 340 Buy: Sylvalant
Crossbow Crossbow.jpg 600 ATK 270 Buy: Van I Il
Elven Bow Elvenbow.jpg 250,000 ATK 400, ACC 20 1 received after beating Foster's Forest.
Flare Spread Bow.jpg 25,000 ATK 700, ACC 15, Fire-Elemental, Multiple Targets 1 found in Seven Star Ruins floor 15.
Lightning Bow Bow.jpg 100,000 ATK 700, Thunder-Elemental 1 found after beating Seven Star Ruins.
Long Bow Longbow.jpg 150 ATK: 220 Buy: Van I Il
Rapid Bow Rapidbow.jpg 10,650 ATK 500 Unknown
Short Bow Shortbow.jpg 60 ATK 120 Ronixis starts with it.
Sylvan Bow Bow.jpg 100,000 ATK 600 2 found in Revorse Tower.
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