Dorn Marto

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Dorn Marto
Dorn Marto's Official Artwork
Character Details
Name: Dorne Murthrough
Japanese Name: Dorn Marto
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Weight: 75kg
Race: Fellpool
Homeworld: Roak
Weapon: Sword
Actor Details
Star Ocean: The First Departure

[edit] Description

Dorne is a friend of Milly and Roddick who joins them in their village's patrol squad. When the mysterious disease from Coule village appears and 3 days after Milly's father (Who was sent to cure them of the disease) sends a carrier pigeon to Roddick, Milly and Dorne (Who picks up the pigeon) to warn them that the disease is unstoppable. Hearing this Milly soon runs off to Coule and after being sent away by her father she sneaks off at night to go for the Herbs at Mt. Metorx which she believes can cure everyone. At the village entrance she gets caught by Dorne who tells her that she shouldn't go alone and offers to go with her. However Dorne suddenly drops to the ground in pain and when Milly approaches him, he quickly tells her to back off. (Probably fully aware that he has contracted the disease from the pigeon) and she goes to tell Roddick, Who, when arrives to the scene finds Dorne standing there in perfect health. Who then tells that they should get going. At Mt. Metorx Dorne drops again (after dropping a few times along the way) and after yelling at Milly to stay away, Roddick then comes to the conclusion that he's infected. After meeting with Ilia Silvestri and Ronyx J. Kenny, he is put on a capsule bed in the Sick bay of the Calnus. When his condition worsens and the doctors fail to cure him, He requests that he be transported to his bed at home in Roak, When Ronyx warps him down with Roddick, Milly and Ilia, He gives his sister's Music box to Milly. Mutters something and finally becomes petrified by the disease.

Later on after beating Asmodeus Milly and Roddick are seen treating Dorne who comes back and since he didn't really die, asks for the music box back. Milly refuses so Dorne is forced to let her keep it, they have a laugh and the plague is over.

[edit] In Battle

Dorne is fights like Roddick, and like the SNES version has no Specials or Talents, reminding hopeful wanna-be Dorne players of the remake Star Ocean: First Departure that he's not a character you're going to keep.

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