Joshua Jerand

Joshua Jerand
Height172 cm
Weight56 kg
ArmorLight/Magician's Armor
Favorite FoodEscargot
Starting EquipmentRod, Silk Robe, Sandals, Flare Ring, Feather Ring
Starting StatsLevel 15, 50 SP

Joshua Jerand is a playable character from the original Star Ocean. In the game, Joshua acts as a healing and magic supporter.


[edit] Personality

Joshua Jerand thinks very highly of himself and puts himself above others. He is also extremely sad because of what has happened to his family in recent times. Joshua is good at music, art, and alchemy.

[edit] How to Unlock

Once you get tp Parj Temple before seeing the starship crash, if you have Fear, but not Cius or Ashlay, you will have to choose between keeping both Fear and Joshua or losing them both.

[edit] Talents

Originality Never Sense of Taste Average
Manual Dexterity Average Design Sense Average
Writing Ability Average Rhythmic Sense Good
Pitch Good Love of Animals Difficult
Sixth Sense Difficult Blessing of Mana Always

[edit] Spell List

Spell Level Learned MP Use Effect
Ice Needle Start 3 MP Water-elemental. The caster sends a large icicle across the screen. If another enemy is in front of the target, it'll hit that enemy instead. Time doesn't stop during this spell.
Grave Start 4 MP Earth-elemental. Three spikes come up from the ground and hit an enemy for minimal damage. Time doesn't stop during this spell.
Wind Blade Start 5 MP Wind-elemental. Identical to Ice Needle except with a column of air instead of an icicle.
Blizzard Start 8 MP Water-elemental. A huge blizzard hits all enemies for moderate damage.
Heal Start 3 MP Heals one ally slightly. Time doesn't stop during this spell.
Cure All Start 10 MP Heals all allies moderately.
Earth Grave Level 17 9 MP Earth-elemental. Large spikes emerge from the ground and hit a group of enemies for moderate damage.
Thunder Bolt Level 20 10 MP Thunder-elemental. A bolt of thunder appears above the enemy and strikes him for moderate damage.
Ray Level 23 12 MP Holy-elemental. Rays hit all enemies for moderate damage.
Cure Light Level 27 12 MP Cures one ally for a high amount of HP. Time doesn't stop during this spell.
Tractor Beam Level 31 14 MP ?-elemental. Grabs all enemies in a group, lifts them up, and smashes them down on the ground for moderate damage.
Earthquake Level 36 19 MP Earth-elemental. Huge boulders bounce down onto enemies for strong damage.
Word of Death Level 40 19 MP ?-elemental. Attempts to instantly kill one enemy.
Thunder Storm Level 45 22 MP Thunder-elemental. A storm hits all enemies for strong damage.
Light Cross Level 50 26 MP Holy-elemental. Light hits all enemies for strong damage.
Dark Circle Sylvalant Ruins 40 MP ?-elemental. Attempts to kill all vulnerable enemies at 25% HP or less.
Meteor Swarm Revorse Tower 32 MP ?-elemental. A meteor swarm hits all enemies for huge damage.
Extinction Seven Star Ruins 45 MP Attempts to instantly destroy all vulnerable enemies.
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