Milly Kiliet

Milly Kiliet
Height164 cm
Weight46 kg
ArmorLight/Magician's Armor
Favorite FoodFruit Parfait
Starting EquipmentRod, Robe, Sandals
Starting StatsLevel 1, no SP

Milly Kiliet is a playable character from the original Star Ocean. In the game, Milly acts as a healer and stat raiser for the party and might become necessary as it progresses.


[edit] Personality

Milly is a bit clutzy, but she has a strong spirit. She might seem calm from a distance, but if you get her angry she can get extremely nasty. She is good friends with the main character of the game, Ratix Farrence, but she's a bit upset to find him with new prettier female friends later on. Milly is also a good crafter and alchemist and has a heart strong enough to be a healer.

[edit] How to Unlock

In the beginning of the game you will automatically get Milly on your team, but only for a temporary period of time. Later in the game she will join based on who's in your team. If Ashlay Barnbelt or Fear Mell or Ioshua Jerand is on your party she will not join until you reach Sylvalant. If you have Cius Warren she will join as soon as you get to Ecdart.

[edit] Talents

Originality Difficult Sense of Taste Good
Manual Dexterity Average Design Sense Average
Writing Ability Average Rhythmic Sense Good
Pitch Good Love of Animals Difficult
Sixth Sense Difficult Blessing of Mana Always

[edit] Spell List

Spell Learned MP Use Effect
Heal Level 2 3 MP Heals one ally slightly. Time doesn't stop during this spell.
Deep Mist Level 4 2 MP Lowers accuracy of all enemies onscreen.
Press Level 6 5 MP ?-elemental. Hits a group of enemies for weak damage.
Antidote Level 8 5 MP Removes poison status from one ally.
Silence Level 10 7 MP Attempts to silence all enemies so that they cannot cast spells.
Cure All Level 13 10 MP Heals all allies moderately.
Protect Level 16 18 MP Raises defense for all allies.
Acid Rain Level 19 9 MP Lowers attack power for all enemies; it may miss some of them.
Cure Light Level 22 12 MP Heals one ally for a large amount of HP. Time doesn't stop during this spell.
Dispel Level 27 16 MP Heals one ally from poison, paralyze, and stone conditions.
Delay Level 28 22 MP Attempts to slow all enemies down.
Fairy Heal Level 31 24 MP Heals one ally completely (more or less).
Haste Level 34 18 MP Speeds all allies up.
Growth Level 38 14 MP Raises attack power for one ally.
Fairy Light Level 42 30 MP Heals all allies completely (more or less).
Raise Dead Level 45 35 MP Recovers one ally from death and heals about half his/her HP.
Fix Cloud Level 50 20 MP Attempts to dizzy all enemies, mostly fails.
Gravity Press Level 54 25 MP ?-elemental. Hits one enemy for strong damage.
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