Peppita Rossetti

Peppita Rossetti
Peppita's Official Artwork
WeaponBoots / Shoes
Tier RankingTop
Optional Character?Yes

[edit] In Battle

Peppita is regarded as one of the best characters in the game, often being labelled second best. (Right behind Maria Traydor). She can become much more powerful through the exploiting of "glitches", like the Roe Tablet and Dream Hammer set-up for post game. Though she may seem weak at first and she's takes a bit of investment, she's worth it. She's got some great Battle Skills to help out during battle, namely Power Dance and Dream Hammer. Her HP and MP damage are pretty well rounded overall, making her a good offensive and adaptable character. (Most characters focus heavily on HP damage, which can be somewhat of a pain for some enemies). She makes a decent MP tank (Thought not as great as others, it still helps her survive more than most other characters. Though, if you use Power Dance, she'll probably be one of the better tanks) and has the longest attack frames. By having the longest attack frames, it gives her a longer invincibility time, and this allows her to survive moves like Ether Strike unscathed. Peppita also doesn't need to max out her attack like everyone else due to Power Dance (which if used enough, will max it out fairly easily), so she can use the slots on her weapon for MP tanking purposes or for a multiple hit counter set-up. Overall, when it comes down to it, majority feels there's no debate in whether or not you should recruit her. Between her great damage output, party support and survival, she ends up on top of most characters. Most players only qualm with her is that no matter what, her AI is pretty bad, and she needs to be controlled manually. (And that may give you troubles depending on the other characters in your party).

[edit] Battles Skills

Magic Hook - Level Learned: 5 - CP usage: 2

Actually not that bad for a first move. Peppita grabs a hook out of nowhere and shoots it at the enemy, sometimes reeling them in to close range. Cancelling from afar can be relatively damaging, but its not that worthwhile until you get Power Dance. (Where you can just use a long range minor Power Dance and cancel it into Magic Hook for the boosted attack). You'll probably want to stick this on all slots too, due to the fact she doesn't always reel the enemy in.

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