Roddick Farrence

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Roddick Farrence
Roddick Farrence's Official Artwork
Character Details
Name: Roddick Farrence
Japanese Name: Ratix Farrence
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Weight: 68kg
Race: Fellpool
Homeworld: Roak
Weapon: Sword
Actor Details
Japanese Actor: Mamoru Miyano
English Actor: Yuri Lowenthal
Star Ocean: The First Departure


[edit] Life

Roddick Farrence (Ratix Farrence) is a young man living with his mother in the town of Clatos with his two best friends Dorn and Milly who with him work with as patrolers for the town, He has a seemingly ordinary life.
When news of the strange disease from the town of Coule Roddick's life starts to become one big adventure of a lifetime.

[edit] Family

He has his mother but his father was never in-game he is mentioned as the person who taught Roddick swordmanship he doesn't seem to have any other relatives.

[edit] Battle

Roddick is the main character of Star Ocean, and therefore he will be in your party 24/7. For the duration of the game he cannot be switched out of battle and has no AI support, simply you must control him or he can't do anything at all.

He has both fast and wide ranged attacks and good techniques therefore he is definately a valuable character.

He has a wide array of both short and long techniques a list of it can be found here.

[edit] Techniques

Name Obtained At Level MP Required Range Description
Rift Wave 2 3 Short Rift Wave is an excellent move that hits in a wide arc it's a very good help when your facing more than one enemy at once.
Blaze Sword 7 6 Short Roddick sets his sword on fire and does a twin slash, Speaking of twin slash, if you get it hurry up and replace this with it.
Flash Whirl 10 5 Long Roddick holds up his sword and bullets of light scatter around at random directions, Risky and leaves him vunerable but good if it hits especially if the enemy gets itself close to Ratix since multiple bullets will hit for major damage, But the risk isn't really worth it.
Shock Sword 12 5 Short A slightly...bad technique that's easy to get hit out of but the damage is decent for a while, Your choice.
Air Slash 16 9 Long Ohohoho, A good move Roddick can fire this off rapidly at a far distance for good damage.
Twin Slash 20 11 Short Blaze sword without the blaze and with extra power.
Spirit Blast 25 8 Both Decent, Roddick runs infront of enemies and facepalms them with this shockwave, stronger than Air slash but not better.
Dragon Howl 29 13 Short Roddick jumps a bit back and turns into a dragon and releases a shock wave which misses a lot. Not worth it.

[edit] Links to Other Star Ocean Games

Roddick is a decentent of Eleyna Farrence, who is a supporting character in Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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