Ronixis J. Kenny

Ronixis J. Kenny
Height179 cm
Weight64 kg
ArmorLight/Medium Armor
Favorite FoodBoiled Matsutake
Starting EquipmentShort Bow, Brigandine, Leather Boots
Starting StatsLevel 20, 70 SP

Ronixis J. Kenny is a playable character from the original Star Ocean. In the game, Ronixis acts as a long range support unit and can cast spells and use a bow.


[edit] Personality

Ronixis is very strong looking and acting and holds authority among the people he is around. He is the father of Claude from SO2. Although he wears heavy armor he used spells and a bow for attacking, which makes him more capable for long range attacks.

[edit] How to Unlock

In the beginning of the game you will automatically get Ronixis on your team for a short period of time, but you will not have him permanatly until you get to Ionis.

[edit] Talents

Originality Average Sense of Taste Never
Manual Dexterity Average Design Sense Average
Writing Ability Average Rhythmic Sense Average
Pitch Average Love of Animals Never
Sixth Sense Never Blessing of Mana Always

[edit] Spell List

Spell Learned MP Use Effect
Fire Bolt Start 2 MP Fire-elemental. Sends a ball of fire across the battlefield to damage one enemy. If another enemy is in its path, it'll get hit instead. Time doesn't stop for this spell.
Grave Start 4 MP Earth-elemental. Three spikes come up from the ground and hit an enemy for minimal damage. Time doesn't stop during this spell.
Wind Blade Start 5 MP Wind-elemental. Identical to Fire Bolt except with a column of air instead of an ball of fire.
Shadow Bolt Start 6 MP Dark-elemental. A bunch of black bubbles hits the enemy for weak damage.
Eruption Start 8 MP Fire-elemental. A wall of fire hits a group of enemies for moderate damage.
Earth Grave Start 9 MP Earth-elemental. Large spikes emerge from the ground and hit a group of enemies for moderate damage.
Thunder Bolt Start 10 MP Thunder-elemental. A bolt of thunder appears above the enemy and strikes him for moderate damage.
Wounds Start 9 MP Dark-elemental. A shadow hits the enemy from behind for moderate damage.
Ray Level 23 12 MP Holy-elemental. Rays hit all enemies for moderate damage.
Tractor Beam Level 27 14 MP ?-elemental. Grabs all enemies in a group, lifts them up, and smashes them down on the ground for moderate damage.
Explode Level 31 16 MP Fire-elemental. Hits all enemies for strong damage.
Earthquake Level 36 19 MP Earth-elemental. Huge boulders bounce down onto enemies for strong damage.
Thunder Storm Level 40 22 MP Thunder-elemental. A storm hits all enemies for strong damage.
Light Cross Level 45 36 MP Holy-elemental. Light hits all enemies for strong damage.
Star Flare Level 50 28 MP ?-elemental. Stars hit all enemies for strong damage.
Dark Circle Sylvalant Ruins 40 MP ?-elemental. Attempts to kill all vulnerable enemies at 25% HP or less.
Gremlin's Lair Time & Space Lab 30 MP ?-elemental. Gremlins come out of a hole in space/time and hit all enemies for very strong damage.
Meteor Swarm Revorse Tower 32 MP ?-elemental. A meteor swarm hits all enemies for huge damage.

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