Star Ocean

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Star Ocean
PublisherEnix, Square-Enix (First Departure)
DesignerYoshiharu Gotanda
ComposerMotoi Sakuraba
Platform/sSuper Nintendo, Sony Playstation Portable (First Departure)
Release DatesStar Ocean
JPJuly 19, 1996
First Departure
JPDecember 27, 2007
NAOctober 21, 2008
EUOctober 24, 2008
RatingsCERO: All Ages (A)
ESRB: Teen (T)
PEGI: 12+
Media48-megabit cartridge, UMD Disc (First Departure)

[edit] About

The first Star Ocean game to be released, originally appearing on the Nintendo Entertainment System, in Japan. However, the game was eventually remade into Star Ocean: First Departure which was released for the Playstation Portable.

[edit] The Beginning

Roddick Farrence, a Fellpool living in the town of Clatos in the Moore Contintent sits in a sort of Guild building talking with a person known as Dorn talking about an arrogant tomboy named Milly which will enter the building without Dorn noticing and hear the entire conversation, She scolds Dorn and tells them to go on patrol, Milly and Dorn joins Roddick outside to see thugs invading the town, Roddick and Dorn then proceeds to drive off the thugs.
Later at Roddick's house Dorn and Milly talk to each other about Roddick's odd silence and leave after a while.
The next morning Roddick goes to the guild building to see a rather annoyed Milly scolding him for being late, they enter and the village elder comes and brings terrible news from the town of Cool. Roddick and friends wants to investigate and Milly suggests to get a herb from Mt. Metox but Milly's father, the greatest healer in town offers to go instead after a few days of waiting they receive a letter concerning Milly's father about the disease and that he contracted it, Milly runs off and Roddick and Dorn chase after her.

[edit] Cast of Characters

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