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[edit] Page Standards

When creating pages, or editing them, can we all please be mindful that whilst a Wiki is a gudie created by you, it should not necessarily reflect a personal opinion and should only contain factual information (Unless in the instance of writing a walkthrough/guide). As such, can all the techniques please be reworded to reflect what they actually do, with removal of any personal input or opinion on the skills said effectiveness.

An example would be the description for Air Slash;

"Ohohoho, A good move Roddick can fire this off rapidly at a far distance for good damage."

Should read as;

"A technique that fires of a vertical line of air that can deal moderate damage to any enemy within the path of the attack, even to a distance."

Personal opinion should not, at all, be reflected within these types of pages.

Matt Addison 21:43 22nd April, 2009 (AEST)

[edit] In-game Contradiction

My game states that their hometown's name is "Clatos" (Clato in the past) and then the disease originates from a neighbor town "Cool". Even if Cool is the name of the hometown then may I please ask what was the name of the town the disease Originates?

Also I propose that the NA names are pages that redirect to the JP Named pages for example when the word Roddick Farrence is searched it will lead to Ratix Farrence where then we can view both names NA first and JP in a parenthesis (Or Vice Versa).

Actually, it should be the otherway round, the Japanese names of the game characters should redirect towards the English Name, since English is the language most people will play this game in. Likewise, you wouldn't want to have all the characters names in their Japanese equivalent names, because when people look for pages, it may get confusing. It's always preferred to go to English names, and redirect all others to that.
-Krunal 07:42, 18 April 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Spelling and Translation issues

In all of the versions of the game I have played sans the import, Ratix is known as Roddick, and his friends are Millie Chliette' and Dorne Murtough, his hometown is Coule.

We should probably use the NA spellings instead of the Japanese ones in the wiki. We can certainly cite them, perhaps in parenthesis after the NA spellings.


Roddick Farrence (Ratix Farrence) and his two friends; Millie Chliette (Milly Kiliet) and Dorne Murtough (Dorn Marto) set off from their hometown of Coule (Cool) to try to find a cure for the strange disease plaguing the town.

Or if that is just too much; I propose we just use the NA spellings on everything but the character/town pages themselves, and we include the Japanese spellings on the respective character pages in the same manner as shown above. (I took the liberty of doing this to the Roddick/Ratix page as an example.

-Deathsythe 20:55, 17 April 2009 (UTC)


Any translation of Star Ocean was a fan translation that was patched. As such, the names contained within can not be considered official in comparison with those seen in Star Ocean: First Departure which is the official translation. As such, I propose that all character names be changed to reflect the correct translation as dubbed by Square-Enix with redirects created from the fan translated names. An example should be that Ratix redirects to Roddick.

Matt Addison 21:35, 22 April 2009 (AEST)